DiiCA (DARUNNISA ISLAMIC INSTITUTE for CHILD ADVOCACY) an independent child rights organization, defends and promotes the rights of children living in Indonesia. DiiCA is a leading child rights focused and membership-based grassroots movement placing all members on equal footing. DiiCA promotes and protects the human rights of Indonesia children. We defend children’s rights by offering free legal aid, documenting violations of international law, and advocating for greater protections. DiiCA’s mandate is to ensure ongoing, practical, systematic and concerted action directed towards effective implementation of the human rights codified coordination between different levels (national, regional and international) and effective membership within key networks. DiiCA was founded in 2013 (October 11) in International Day of the Girl Child, DiiCA established under the terms of the association‘ Act of the Republic Indonesia, accordance with its deed of association, and by its listing in the register of the municipality of Semarang.

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